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hydro seal
hydro seal 1 gal
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Hydro Seal®

Hydro Seal®

Lat 26° Hydro Seal® is a SiO2 touchless ceramic spray designed to make water bead  away and protect the surface from salt water corrosion, dirt, contamination, and provide UV protection. Lat 26 Degrees Hydro Seal also refreshes & rejuvenates existing yacht sealants and coatings, bringing back their effectiveness to near full strength.
The spray on and rinse off formula saves time and allows vessels & vehicles to quickly be protected. Lat 26 Degrees Hydro Seal will last up-to 4 months on a properly prepared & maintained surface.
Wash, rinse, spray, rinse & dry
Wash surface with Lat 26˚ Boat Soap or other boat wash prior to using Lat 26 Hydro Seal. If surface is especially dirty, remove surface contamination using Lat 26˚ All-Purpose Clean. If surface has overspray or oxidation on it, using a Lat 26˚ Clay Sponge or Lat 26˚ polishes to prep the surface prior to application will make Lat 26° Hydro Seal last longer. Once surface is clean and free of contamination, wet surface and spray Lat 26° Hydro Seal directly onto area. Let sit for 15 seconds then rinse. Dry with chamois or a drying towel. Caution: If product is sprayed directly onto a hot, dry surface it could lead to streaking. Quickly wash surface and wipe with wet microfiber to remove streaks or go over surface with Lat 26° Detail Spray.  May be used safely on paint, gelcoat, glass, metal, vinyl, plastics, plexiglass, polycarbonates, and exterior fabrics.