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Lat 26° Nano Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Directions:
For use on Marine Paints & Gelcoats. Apply with a Lat 26° Applicator. Wipe on in one direction, in thin coats, then allow product to “flash” after 30 - 60 seconds depending on temperature. Wipe thoroughly with a new or clean microfiber rag to remove excess product and activate shine. Apply 2 coats for thorough protection. Allow one hour of drying time between each coat.
*cure time may vary based on environmental factors*


1. What makes Lat 26°'s Nano Ceramic specially designed for the Marine Environment?
Its ability to be applied in heat and high humidity levels with longer working time is what makes this product easier to apply. Also the strength of the ceramic is much higher and subsequently more resistant to marine exhaust, salt & other contaminants.
2. What areas can be treated with Lat 26°'s Nano Ceramic?
Any exterior Painted or Gelcoat Surface.
3. Do I need a special soap to wash the vessel prior to application?
No, special soap is not needed, though we do recommend prepping the surface with Lat 26° Surface Prep to remove any existing contaminants.
4. Do I need a special soap to wash the vessel after application?
Use of any marine soap is fine, although we do recommend using Lat 26° Boat Soap for washes after application.
5. Can I wax or seal over the Nano Ceramic?
Yes if desired, waxing & sealing over Lat 26°'s Nano Ceramic won't damage it. Let the Nano Ceramic cure for at least 4 days before applying any sealant or wax.
6. Why does it seem that the water repellency has decreased over time?
This will happen over time due to eventual buildup of contaminants. Just clean the surface with a mild cleaner and wash completely off with water. The hydrophobic effect is then reproduced.  If dried on salt seems to be present, we recommend using vinegar to remove the salt and then washing off with water. To prolong repellency we recommend treating the surface with Hydro Seal® 
7. What must be removed from the exterior paint/gelcoat prior to application?
Bug residue and any other contaminants. All polishing must be done prior to application. Use Lat 26°'s All Purpose Clean to remove exhaust & other petroleum contaminants & vinegar to remove calcium then use Lat 26° Surface Prep to mist the paint/gelcoat and wipe down with microfiber towel to remove the cleaning residues.
8. Should I apply Nano Ceramic to the entire exterior at once then allow it to dry?
Application should be done on a single panel at a time ensuring complete coverage and reducing the possibility of letting the product dry too long.
9. What happens if I miss a spot while applying the Nano Ceramic?
Missed spots are an easy fix with Lat 26° Nano Ceramic. Just apply more product to the missed areas, then buff off with microfiber. The Nano Ceramic will level itself with the previously treated surface on its own.
10. What if I let the product over dry?
If you let a spot over dry you have two options. If the product was applied within the last 2 hours, reapply Nano Ceramic to the over dried section then buff it off right away. If more then 2 hours has elapsed, you'll need to apply buffing compound and remove the over dried area by polishing. Try Lat 26°'s Compound #1 to remove the cured nano ceramic
11. How long does it take Lat 26° Nano Ceramic to cure?
Lat 26°'s Nano Ceramic will cure in about 6 hours. Over the next 4 days the Nano Ceramic will continue to become harder until the surface reaches maximum hardness.
12. How can I remove the Nano Ceramic after it has cured?
After the coating has cured, it can only be removed by polishing or wet sanding.
13. What kind of safety equipment should be used when applying Nano Ceramic?
Gloves should be worn at all times when handling Lat 26°s Nano Ceramic.
14. How much Nano Ceramic do I need?
Lat 26°s Nano Ceramic covers approximately 300 square feet per ounce. 
15. Can I apply multiple coats?
Yes, you can apply up to 5 coats. However, we recommend 2-3 coats to ensure the surface is properly treated.