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UV (Protect) Heat Guard
UV (Protect) Heat Guard

UV (Protect) Heat Guard

Lat 26° UV Heat Guard can be applied to your Yacht/Boat, RV or Vehicle on a variety of surfaces including but not limited to paint, gelcoat, stainless steel, vinyl, leather, rubber, hypalon, isinglass & acrylic surfaces. Its unique slow cure formula allows for easy application on hot surfaces.

UV Protect is recommended for Darker Colored Paints & Gelcoat Surfaces


Only apply to a clean dry surface. Apply with a Sealing Pad. Apply UV Heat Guard directly to the applicator (not the surface). Apply a very thin coat to the entire surface. Wipe on thoroughly until only a light film remains then wipe off all excess. Allow 12 to 24 hours before getting wet and for full cure of product

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