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yacht teak sealer
teak seal 32 oz

Teak Seal

Lat 26 Teak Seal delivers months of UV protection that hinders the oxidation (greying) of teak. Repels salt water, dirt, mildew, & other outside factors from teak and other wood surfaces. Can be applied over oiled or previously treated teak to extend wood preservation.
Thoroughly clean the wood surface, removing all dirt with Lat 26° Teak Clean. Surface must be completely dry prior to application of Teak Seal. Shake the Teak Sealer well before applying. Apply with a soft sponge or rag. For the first application apply multiple coatings until teak does not absorb sealer anymore. Wipe away any excess with a dry rag. Safe to walk on in 2 hours. Fully cured in 12 hours. Provides 3 months of teak protection! 
IF your teak is slippery after applying Teak Seal, wait 24 hours and give your deck a washdown using Lat 26° boat soap to wash away any remaining residue
Caution: Always use Gloves when handling Lat 26° Teak Sealer.