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Cut and Polish available sizes by Lat 26 Degrees.
Cut and Polish 1 Gallon by Lat 26 Degrees

Cut & Polish

Lat 26˚ Cut & Polish removes oxidation from marine paint and gelcoat surfaces that also provides a brilliant, swirl-free finish. Designed for use with Orbital/DA machines. Used by professionals for boats and yachts looking for a one step polish to restore the surface. 


Best results are achieved when working with a Dual Action Orbital (Free Spin or Gear Driven); Apply product to pad in small quantities and start polishing surface with medium pressure and move slowly in a side to side motion working an area approximately 3’ x 3’ (1M x 1M) until product has broken down on surface and results are achieved. Never let pad run dry. Wipe residue off with a microfiber towel.