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Screen & Glass Clean

Lat 26˚ Screen & Glass Clean is an effective and safe cleaner that leaves your glass surfaces and navigation screens clean, protected and streak free. This formula is specially designed for use with microfiber cloths. This alcohol-free formula effectively eliminates streaks, fingerprints, smudges, dust, saltwater spray, and grime from various surfaces, making it perfect for all types of screens and glass. It is suitable for phones, glasses, GPS displays, mirrors, shower glass, and both interior and exterior windows. This screen cleaner helps protect the surface from future dirt, salt water, dust and even provides UV protection.
For use on matte and glass screens, glass, electronics, phones, tablets, and glasses. Apply Lat 26˚ Screen and Glass Clean spray on a clean microfiber cloth and wipe effected surface. Can be sprayed directly on certain types of surfaces such as glass, glasses, screens, phones, and consoles and wiped off with a dry clean microfiber cloth.  Do not spray directly on hot surfaces or exposed electronic circuitry or wiring.