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Detail (Wax) Spray
Detail (Wax) Spray

Detail (Wax) Spray

A water- based cleaner and wax spray that is environmentally friendly. Because it is water repellent, it helps protect against both pollution and dirt adhesion. Lat 26˚ Detail (wax) Spray works on most surfaces, and is an excellent cleaner/protection booster spray for surfaces that have been coated by UV Protect, Carbon Guard and Clean Wax.


For use on paint, gelcoat, metal and acrylic surfaces. Spray Lat 26˚ Detail (wax) Spray on a clean microfiber towel and wipe dirt off of any wet or dry surface. For washing down a large area mix 4oz. Detail Spray into a five gallon bucket of Boat Soap for extra cleaning power and protection boost.

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